Trouble running Self/x86 - The Solution!

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Thu Jun 5 15:09:00 UTC 2003

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> Paul,
> I'm afraid the cygwin version of Self is currently broken - probably
> because of some changes in memory allocation within cygwin.dll (cygwin
> 1.3.19 is the last version I'v used successfully). Unfortunatly I'm not
> able to spend more time on this problem at the moment.
> To try out Self you could try to go back 1.3.19 (I'm not sure if you can
> still find it).
> Alternatively, to try the more stable Linux version without installing
> Linux, is to use Knoppix, a bootable CD image with a fully configured
> Linux-System:
> Regards,
> Harald


When I found out that Self can now run on cygwin platform, I have
decided to try out. (the linux engine on Mandrake 9.1 linux
distribution runs fine on my machine). So I have downloaded the latest
version of cygwin (1.3.22), and it was not working. (I got a lot of
messages like VM error signal 11... etc.)

So reading properly messages in this archive, (I subscribed just now)
I discovered that the problem is with version of cygwin lib. So I need
the older version of cygwin (1.3.19, as Harald said).

But where to get this version of cygwin? It is problem because cygwin
has its own install program which (I suppose after some experiments
done) do not support installing of older versions. Also, in ftp
archives one can not find the complete older version.

Good news are that there is a simple way to change existing
installation of new cygwin (1.3.22) to the older (1.3.19), and it
really works and Self is running!

I have discovered this way only a few hours ago, so maybe some
problems may exist here; just try out....

The cookbook:

1) suppose you have installed current cygwin to f:\cygwin
2) look to to find some mirror of ftp
with the cygwin distribution. I have used
address (in Czech Republic), you probably will choose another.
3) go to the release/cygwin directory, where you can find some files
like cygwin-1.3.19-1.tar.bz2 (and other versions). Get this file!
4) Extract files contaned in this archive. You get usr/ directory with
some files and subdirs.
5) Look into extracted usr\bin directory. There are 17 files for
version 1.3.19 of cygwin, including cygwin1.dll
6) Backup newer files in your f:\cygwin\bin, and replace them by older
version files.
7) start cygwin and try $cygcheck -s |less . Somewhere in the text you
can read "Cygwin DLL info: DLL version 1.3.19 ....". That's exactly
what we wanted.
8) start out XFree and run Self:
cd self
./Self -c -s Empty.snap
9) Enjoy!

You can replace files in f:\cygwin\bin with the backed up files of new
version of cygwin when necessary to get your cygwin system back to its
initial state. All this hacking is not very clear to cygwin system,
but it works and I did not encountered any problems. The discussion
forum at maybe contains relevant information, but it seems
to me that they are hard to find.

Let me know, if this cookbook helped!


Jan Bryscejn

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