Self OS X jaguar

christian.hresko godpup at
Tue Jan 14 06:38:54 UTC 2003

okay, i just installed jaguar, and downloaded all the latest Self 

for the life of me i can't get self to work.  this happened before.

if i try to use the SelfDroplet, i get:

Last login: Tue Jan 14 01:14:15 on ttyp1
cd "${SELF_WORKING_DIR}"/objects; ../vm/mac_osx/vmWelcome to Darwin!
_project/build/ -s 
[chresko:~] chresko% cd "${SELF_WORKING_DIR}"/objects; 
../vm/mac_osx/vm_project/build/ -s 
SELF_WORKING_DIR: Undefined variable.

if i launch self from the command line, and try to do the the _RunScript 
deal, i get numerous errors which i don't understand.  how on earth do 
you get self working under OS X, jaguar?

if i edit the applescript by replacing SELF_WORKING_DIR with the correct 
directory, it still doesn't work.

all of my self folders/directories are on my desktop.  if someone could 
point the way, i'd appreciate it.



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