Devising a generative morphodynamic level

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Tue Jan 7 21:12:23 UTC 2003

Dear All:
Finally my third Scientific Report III is on line:

I would thank you very much, if you kindly e-mail
me your impressions. I have highlighted some excellent
papers from OO community and AOSD community.
My comments on them do not mean any negative impression,
to the contrary they enabled me to weave this
Scientific Report in a mood that touches my heart!
I would never deal with figural language if it were not
for the excellent paper from James Noble, Ewan Tempero
and Robert Biddle that was e-mailed to me by Jim Coplien.
I was delighted when I heard Noble and Biddle published
design patterns as signs in the Proceedings from last ECOOP!
Now I have the heavy responsibility to give lectures to architects
and urban planners interested in urban sustainable development.
This cannot be achieved without OO and AOSD.
And I know computer scientists are not aware this is of the utmost
importance for mankind!
I have nothing
against design patterns and classes, but for me the basic
construct must be the object and the concerns (something like
seme in Greimasian semiotics).
I hope I have expressed clearly my feelings about this. Indeed I would
love to read
papers published in computer science seen from Greimasian "eyes"!
A far cry from Saussure and Peirce!  Greimas fuses what's best
in Hjelmslev and Saussure in a way that can be taught to the
And above all I want to die being sure, the world is better because I
have lived
in it! I am in a hurry to save the "whales", yes! But I am especially
in  a hurry
to be able to read preprint of fundamental books and papers as has been
rythm of my up to date research simply because I also divulgate freely
my research.
Indeed OO community excels in this. I am very proud of you all!
Sorry if sometimes my comments are bitter!
Best wishes
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