[self-interest] (Aspects) Utilities in Lisp vs Design Patternsin Smalltalk- Self

Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Thu Apr 24 23:26:49 UTC 2003

Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
Hi Jecel!
Well the papers I have selected are not written by novice in computer
science!!! And indeed it was exactly some of them that had led me
to Self!!!

On Thursday 24 April 2003 13:23, Albertina Lourenci wrote:

> > I have not been chatting about this because I am delving deeper into
> > these topics! And I would appreciate an in-depth analysis because
> > I do think it is of the utmost importance for the future of software
> > towards implementation of complex systems!
> These are actually basic programming topics, so you might have more luck
> finding information about them in a introductory text than in a
> advanced PhD thesis.
> > David Harris wrote:
> > > But, in reality, most people design in both directions at once --
> > > as it is important to thing about the low-level implementation at
> > > the same time as considering the overall stategy or hight-level
> > > shape of the program.
> Exactly - you must both watch where you are stepping and yet keep your
> eye on where you are going. Creating random low level components
> without thinking about the higher level modules that will use them will
> get you nowhere. And defining high level abstractions without knowing
> what is available to implement is a sure way to get a project stuck in
> the design phase without ever moving to the programming phase.
> But it isn't easy to do both at the same time, which is one of the
> reasons why I think that pair programming in extreme programming is a
> good idea.
> -- Jecel
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