Trouble running Self/x86

Paul Chapman yahoo at
Mon Apr 14 20:32:12 UTC 2003


> I do not have a Windows installation, but I've noticed that the 
Demo image
> often doesn't work with Self/x86 while the barebones image does. 
Can you
> get the latter to load?


I've just redownloaded everything, and used Unix tools  (gunzip, tar)
under Cygwin exclusively to unpack the files, just to be sure WinZip 
wasn't screwing with them.

Same error message on both Demo.snap and Empty.snap.

Thanks anyway. :)

Had a bad few days all round: trying to find an incremental, OO, 
platform-independent (or at least multi-platform) environment for a 
project.  Talks2 looked good but is flakey and incomplete.  DSelf 
same.  No luck with Sun's Self, as you can see.  Thinking of having 
another look at Squeak, but last time I was overwhelmed by its 
features and had trouble finding how to do the simple stuff. :)

Cheers, Paul

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