Trouble running Self/x86

Paul Chapman yahoo at
Mon Apr 14 12:10:38 UTC 2003

(I've sent Harald a private email about this.)

New to the group!

I'm very new to Cygwin, and my Unix skills have rusted for 15 years 
or more.  I'm trying to get Self/x86 running, having been interested 
in it for some time (Smalltalk is my current language of choice).

I'm running Windows 98.  I have dowloaded and installed the latest 
versions of Cygwin and XFree.  I've downloaded the latest version of 
Self/x86, with the bugfix mentioned in this thread, and moved the 
files to /usr/self.


    cd /usr/self
    ./Self -c -s Demo.snap

in the bash window in X produces

"Self VM fatal error (../../../vm/src/any/zone/zone.cpp, line 155): i 
and stub zones overlap"

Anyone got any clues?  Thanks for any help.

Cheers, Paul

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