[self-interest] blocks and closures

tb at becket.net tb at becket.net
Sun Apr 13 23:45:29 UTC 2003

Albertina Lourenci <lourenci at lsi.usp.br> writes:

> Of course not only does he explain nothing about car, cdr, cons etc  and
> worse introduce lots of expressions and commands I have never heard of!!!
> For example can someone explain to me how can I understand the following
> closure to make a new database?

I guess he just expects you have already studied the language
somewhat.  My suggestion is to get a copy of SICP, which can show you
a fair bit about the Scheme dialect of Lisp.  Others here would be
better placed to recommend resources in Smalltalk.

To me, that make-dbms function is a trivial one, very easy to
understand at a mere glance.  

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