[self-interest] blocks and closures

tb at becket.net tb at becket.net
Thu Apr 10 18:50:09 UTC 2003

James McCartney <asynth at io.com> writes:

> I'm probably not in the Self crowd since I've yet to actually run it. 
> My own language does support full closures. I think you didn't read my 
> words as carefully as I wrote them.

I'm sorry that I may have mistaken your words; this was not my

> I said you can't store "all" local variables on the stack. Which is 
> certainly the case.

Right, and I should have been more moderate in my words.  I really
wanted to criticize the common assumption that "closures are really
expensive", which is strangely dominant among some Smalltalk folk, and
it was wrong to incorrectly ascribe that view to you.

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