[self-interest] bugs in sparc VM

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Wed Sep 11 23:24:19 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 15:36, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
>   word: (memory at: addr) && 16r0FFFF.
> and I verified that "memory at: addr" is returning 16r01515 yet word
> is being assigned 16r0FFFF. Single stepping makes it work. The
> save/restore trick I used above didn't work in this case. In fact,
> eliminating the "halt" and allowing it to continue after having
> single stepped this a few times showed that it worked until it exited
> the inner loop and then it went back to the broken behavior. So I
> would guess that the NIC is generating correct code but the SIC
> isn't. The obvious next step is to disable the SIC and see what
> happens, but I will only be able to do that on Friday.

I was able to do the test today after all and the result was what I 
expected: with only the NIC enabled (using the _Compilers:Limits: 
primitive) my program worked perfectly.

-- Jecel

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