Problem with 4.1.6 on Jaguar

michael_abd_el_malek michael.abd-el-malek at
Wed Oct 9 21:24:26 UTC 2002

--- In self-interest at y..., Stephane Ducasse <ducasse at i...> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to use Self (4.1.6) on Jaguar and when I double click on the 
> snapshot and application start to run and just stop after 2 seconds.
> Does somebody encounter the same problem? How to fix it? I'm have a G4 
> powerbook with 512 Mb memory and version 10.2.1
> Stef

Hi Stef,

Can you try dropping the snapshot on the SelfDroplet?  I suspect that
your Self snapshots are associated with the Self app, rather than the

If this fixes your problem, I suggest you associate the snapshots with
the SelfDroplet.  You can do this through the "Get Info" box one of
the snapshots.


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