solaris 8 (was: new release)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Thu May 30 21:26:30 UTC 2002

On Friday 03 May 2002 14:46, I wrote:
> Since the bytecodes have changed, I was unable to try the 4.1.2 VM on
> the new snapshots (like I did with 4.1.4). I have the CDs to upgrade
> my machine to Solaris 2.8, but I haven't done it because I am not
> sure Self 4.0 would still work. And I still need to use that version
> once in a while to run old stuff. Does anybody know what is the
> lastest version of Solaris that can run Self 4.0?

I have just upgraded to Solaris 8 (or is that 2.8?) and Self 4.0 still 
works perfectly. And now I can run 4.1.5 as well. The reason I was 
afraid things might break is that little things like text selection 
didn't work in Self 4.0 on Solaris 6 as well as they did on older 
versions of the OS, so I thought I might have even more problems on an 
even newer version. I haven't done extensive testing, but that doesn't 
seem to be the case.

-- Jecel

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