Fix morphs

Thorsten Dittmar thorsten.dittmar at
Fri May 10 06:40:05 UTC 2002


For an application that I'm writing in the moment, I need a morph that has
fix position to the current view. For example like the radarView. When I
looked at this implementation I found out that it works in different way
then I mentioned. The radarView is not fixed, it just ignore the movements
that was directed by the radarView itself. For example, if you have 2
radarViews and you use one of them to move to the right, the other is not
visible in the current view anymore.
What I need is something like the flaps in Squeak, but I found it not very
helpful to look at their implementation. For me the differences between the
two different implementations looks to great, maybe I'm wrong.
Any idea how I can do things like that in self?

Thorsten Dittmar

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