[self-interest] Re: Different object organizations

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Fri Mar 15 17:58:38 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 13 March 2002 13:19, Dan Rozenfarb wrote:
> > [organizing-programs paper is referenced]
> But this paper compares Class-like organization vs. the current self
> objects (or I might say knowledge) organization with traits and
> prototypes.  I was looking for alternative objects/knowledge
> organizations.  I seem to recall that David Ungar (or some other guy
> from the self team) mentioned in a paper that there were other people
> trying different organizations than theirs but didn't give any
> reference to them.  I was hoping it wasn't a dream of mine and that
> someone on this list could point out any refe ence.

While probably not what you are looking for, you might like to know 
that 2 GUIs were built outside of the Self group. One was a 2D one by 
James Noble called "Tarraingím" and the other was by Nick Drew and 
showed objects as 3D graphs where you could see the message sends. This 
didn't change the actual object organization but made it look very 
different. Too bad neither of these have any information left in the 

-- Jecel

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