[self-interest] Different object organizations

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Tue Mar 12 19:19:32 UTC 2002

On Tuesday 12 March 2002 20:43, you wrote:
> In their paper: "Programming as an Experience: The Inspiration for
> Self", Randall B. Smith and David Ungar wrote: "We probably would
> have done better to put more effort into exploring other
> organizations."
> Can somebody point me out to any paper or info regarding such
> alternative organizations?

In that paragraph there is a reference to this paper:


My own experience was that at first I would alway create a new kind of 
object as

   ( | parent* = ( | parent* = traits clonable | ) | )

and then fill in the other slots in the prototype and the slots in the 
parent (traits object). Later I decided that this was very wasteful. I 
no longer try to figure out what should be local and what (if anything) 
should be shared. All my objects now start as

   ( )

and then evolve from there. The reason for this was not only that I was 
programming Smalltalk in Self but that initially I was creating 
programs in awkward text editors since there was no graphical 
environment before version 4. Changing the object structures was hard 
work so I tried to get them right from the first. In Self 4 we can make 
radical changes with a few clicks of the mouse and so in the true 
eXtreme Programming style I wait to create traits objects until they 
are absolutely needed.

-- Jecel

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