[self-interest] Transporter

David Ungar David.Ungar at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 13 00:21:37 UTC 2002

Thorsten and Jecel,

I have just read a recent thread about the transporter failing to 
order things properly.
As the author of the transporter, I can tell you what I was thinking:

The general problem of finding an ordering by trying to understand 
what code does
(in this case an initialization message) turned out to be beyond me.
So, when you use the transporter, you have to try reading your 
modules in to a clean world
in order to see if it got it right. It tries but sometimes fails. 
When it fails, you have to reorder your modules in the submodule 
hierarchy (or make module B a submodule of A) in order to get it to 

This is drawback of using the transporter, but one I do not know how 
to reliably solve.
I do personally enjoy the development style that emerges from using it.
I work for about a week with snapshots, then file everything out when 
I reach a good
stable point. Then I file in to a clean snapshot, test, do a cvs 
commit, and then build a new snapshot from scratch.

Hope this helps,

- Dave

PS: I bet that I won't be able to post this to the yahoo group. If 
you don't see it there,
it would be great if you could repost it for me.

     David Ungar
     Sun Microsystems Laboratories
     (650) 336-2618

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