[self-interest] Transporter

Thorsten Dittmar thorsten.dittmar at daedalos.com
Thu Jun 6 21:15:19 UTC 2002

If you look into the globals.transporter.fileOut there are 2 methods that
would maybe help.

fileOutSiteEffects that method put a script on the end of the file out which
can be used to do all the initializes.

fileOutAInitializerOf: c that one creates the initializer string.

So it would be "easy" to modify the transporter in that way. So the problem
with undefined prototypes in initialize statements would be fixed, but then
you can still have a problem with a defined but uninitialized prototype. So
when the initialize sequence for that prototype will starts it was already
copied during the initialize sequence of the other prototype.

And then we are back to the point that sorting or ordering will not help in
all cases. The only thing that will help here, is prototypes who refer
prototypes instead of copies... you remember that discussion about defensive
programming ;-)

Does anybody know something like BOSS in VisualWorks for Self?


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