[self-interest] Transporter

Thorsten Dittmar thorsten.dittmar at daedalos.com
Wed Jun 5 19:03:45 UTC 2002


I'm not sure if I do some thing wrong or if it is a bug.

Here the situation:
I have a module with 2 prototypes (b and c).
Prototype b has a slot named x.
I use the annotation mechanism to initialize x as a copy of c.
So far so good... Now file out the module and use bootstrap read: 'filename'
From: 'dictionary' to file it in.

I will get an error because x can not be initialized because the prototype c
is not installed at all at this moment.

Maybe I misused the annotation mechanism. Of course I know a workaround, but
I want to know what the right way for the not so uncommon situation is.

Can anybody help me?

Thorsten Dittmar

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