[self-interest] Digest Number 279

Douglas Atique datique at terra.com.br
Wed Jul 24 15:12:31 UTC 2002

Once, in the beginning of this list, I wanted to discuss Self VM 
implementation and found out that people were not so interested in it 
as I was. If I had the time, I would have created a self-internals-
interest list to discuss those topics. 
If Albertina is willing to discuss specifically philosophy of 
prototype-based languages, maybe she could create a list for that 
matter in yahoo and we could place a pointer to it in this list. I am 
sure there will be many people interested in theoretical topics.

Albertina, I recommend to you the book "On the origin of objects". by 
Brian Cantwell Smith (MIT Press, 19??). I couldn't finish it (lack of 
time) but it digs very deeply into philosophical issues.

Regards to all,

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> I had previously warned Albertina that many people here would not li
> her long philosophical comments and would consider them off topic. 

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