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Thorsten Dittmar wrote:

> I know some books, that compare different prototype programming languages.
> Can you specify a little bit more in detailed what you are looking for?
> On 7/9/02 7:42 PM, "d_atique" <datique at> wrote:
> > Hi, all.
> > I've been away from this list and maybe this was already discussed,
> > but I'll ask it anyway. Was any book ever published on prototype
> > programmimg? I mean with a programming/design methodology focus (no
> > philosophical books, please...).

May I ask what is wrong with philosophical trends? The current crisis
in object oriented programming is lack of philosophical knowledge!
What sort of philosophical knowledge?
At the beginning of the last century, a strong modern movement in art
happened. In music, for example the dodecaphonist Schoenberg advised:
Let the pupil learn the laws and effects of tonality just as if they still
prevailed, but let him know of the tendencies  that are leading toward
their annulment. Let him know that the conditions leading to the dissolution
of the system are inherent in the conditions upon which it is established.
Let him know that every livng thing has within it that which changes, develops,
and destroys it. Life and death are both equally present in the embryo. What lies
between is time. Nothing intrinsic, that is: merely a dimension, which is, however
necessarily consumated. Let the pupil learn by this example to recognize what is
eternal: change and what is temporal: being (das Bestehen). Thus he will come to
the conclusion that much of what has been considered aesthetically fundamental,
that is, necessary to beauty, is by no means always rooted in the nature of
things,  that the imperfection of our senses drives us to those compromises through
which we achieve order. For order is not demanded by the object, but by the
subject!!!Schoenberg, A. Theory of Harmony page 29!
Applying this to computer science: Doesn't  the introduction of subject oriented
programming exactly reproduce the behaviour described by Schoenberg?
The precise paper from Roger T. Alexander and Jim Bieman entitled Challenges of
Aspect oriented technology presented at the 2002 ICSE Workshop in Software
Quality held in May Orlando Florida  deconstructs this subjectivism beautifully
and brings to the fore the essence of the thing!
Who cares about this? By the negative mood of the paper even Roger and Jim
However semioticians, the experts in modeling care (among others called artists)
And exactly my paper presented at rOOts  April 2002 Bergen tells us how
to deal with the essence of meaning! What's the problem here?
It begins with
the foundations of things specific to the domain model - here sustainable
cities - how to generate them from the first cell, I mean the building?
And of course nobody cares about this, because everybody is homeless and lives
ón the streets ( I am being cynical!!) Sorry, only half of the population is
And those don't have access to schools!Hence the whole mankind has to put up
with the subjectivism of those who have homes!!!And don't care if their own children

soon will not have homes!!!

But anyhow incredibly another paper was published at last ECOOP'02 held in
Malaga. Design patterns as signs from James Noble and Robert Biddle!
Wonderful now we can contrast papers interested in prototypes and aspects
something like the subjective version from SElf called Us and class-based
languages and patterns! AS soon as I read it, I hope we can start a discussion!
ANyhow I want to congratulate Roger and Jim for their courage to deconstruct
what can be better and now I hope they pluck up courage to do better programming
Best wishes

> > BTW, I've heard Self 4.1 is evolving and supports MacOS X. I'm glad
> > to know that.
> > Regards,
> > Douglas
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