[self-interest] Fileout problem

David Ungar David.Ungar at Sun.COM
Mon Jul 8 03:43:20 UTC 2002


This sounds like great work!

I have sometimes seen the moduleDictionary get messed up.
Have you tried 'transporter moduleDictionary alwaysRefill'?
That *may* fix your problem.

- Dave

PS: Why did you clone process again?
Why not just add new slots to it, but put them in your module??

At 3:21 PM +0200 6/25/02, Thorsten Dittmar wrote:
>as you may know I try to implement selfUnit. I'm ready to distribute a beta
>version, but I have some problems to create the files. For necessary error
>handling I made a clone of the prototype process. I made a slot in globals
>called selfUnitProcess and I initialize it to process _Clone. So far it
>works fine. This slot is assigned to a module named selfUnitProcessing.
>I add three slot to that prototype and all of them are assigned to the
>module selfUnitProcessing. All slots are initialized to false. When I
>fileOut the module and look into the generated code, then there is no code
>generated for these slots. I checked the annotations and the module is
>correctly displayed.
>When you move the slots to another module, like tmp, then the tmp module
>will recognise that change, but also in that fileOut the code is still
>I tried out several circumstances and it seams to me that _Clone message is
>the root of my problems. Unfortunately I have no chance to use the normal
>copy mechanism.
>Can anybody give me a hint?
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