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Sun Jan 20 12:51:24 UTC 2002

Dear Researchers:

I am an architect generating sustainable cities by computer.
Since 1997 when I first met Kiczales I have been trying to
understand aspect-oriented programming. Last year at ECOOP'01
in Budapest I enjoyed myself telling Eric Dalesdale that all he said
sounded like Greek to me!!!I have never had any problems before
in trying to understand a programming language, but this time
it was a great challenge to me. Little by little I got used to the idea
because obviously it is of the utmost importance.
After having read Lucena's paper [reached me via Jim Coplien]
and your intriguing paper's [ Tomoji and Natsuko's] I am delighted!
The latter deal from aspect-oriented analysis and aspect oriented design

and the former accomplishes a huge synthesis between class-based
languages, multi-agent approach and aspect oriented programming
Moreover Carlos feels the need for dealing with patterns!

I am a fan of the prototype based object oriented language SElf!
Why? Because architectural and urban design looks like Chinese!!!
I mean it is plastic, not hierarchical!!!
When we design 90% of the work is accomplished at what we call
free-hand sketch.
In this phase of the design, metaphor in the direction of design
and even dream is fundamental to open the black box that is imagination!

But when we have to draw, the necessary tools resemble rather those
of embedded systems. I hope I am being able to convey my ideas.
There is no more interactive and cooperative language (due to the Kansas

screen, a virtual reality that allows each researcher to sit side by
and see what the other is doing it doesn't matter where he is in the
as far as I know than Self. Wonderful for emphasizing humans as first
components in Software as Alistair Cockburn proposes!
[Well Jim Coplien spearheaded the design movement and the need to treat
software as an art]
At Ecoop'01 there was a consensus if we don't start things at the level
the analysis and design, all this stuff like aspect oriented programming

and separation of concerns would not really lead to evolutive, easy to

Now nature and culture enters in! Why because they rest on life and
Both are capable of double articulation, I mean the ability to create
out of
finite things infinite things!
It is not necessary to say that molecular biology and semiotics are
highly hermetic
fields!!!If you do not know physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer

little can be done when you deal with the genetic code!!!!
Now to deal with semiotics means to be aware of SAussure, Hjelmslev,
Greimas to name the most famous theoreticians! And not forget about
such as  Bloomfield, Chomsky, Chafe and so on!!!
Poor of our  small brain!!!
My current interest is:
a) Should we treat each phase of a knowledge (software) system [domain
model, architectural
model and implementation code] as a language,
I mean with semantic and syntactic components responsible for narrative
discursive structures or
b) Should we treat the knowledge [software system] as a unique language?

Moreover a very interesting semiotician and mathematician is Petitot
Cocorda who deals
with Greimas and catastrophe theory and whose work may throw light to
answer the
above questions!

I believe several heads thinking are better than one, so please feel
free to enable mankind
to be beyond this challenge! Sure our today's Minotaure!!!
Have a fun-filled, peaceful, creative weekend
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