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Albertina Lourenci wrote:

> Dear Researchers:
> I am an architect generating sustainable cities by computer.
> Since 1997 when I first met Kiczales I have been trying to
> understand aspect-oriented programming. Last year at ECOOP'01
> in Budapest I enjoyed myself telling Eric Dalesdale that all he said
> sounded like Greek to me!!!I have never had any problems before
> in trying to understand a programming language, but this time
> it was a great challenge to me. Little by little I got used to the idea
> because obviously it is of the utmost importance.
> After having read Lucena's paper [reached me via Jim Coplien]
> and your intriguing paper's [ Tomoji and Natsuko's] I am delighted!
> The latter deal from aspect-oriented analysis and aspect oriented design
> and the former accomplishes a huge synthesis between class-based
> languages, multi-agent approach and aspect oriented programming
> Moreover Carlos feels the need for dealing with patterns!
> I am a fan of the prototype based object oriented language SElf!
> Why? Because architectural and urban design looks like Chinese!!!
> I mean it is plastic, not hierarchical!!!
> When we design 90% of the work is accomplished at what we call
> free-hand sketch.
> In this phase of the design, metaphor in the direction of design
> patterns
> and even dream is fundamental to open the black box that is imagination!
> But when we have to draw, the necessary tools resemble rather those
> of embedded systems. I hope I am being able to convey my ideas.
> There is no more interactive and cooperative language (due to the Kansas
> screen, a virtual reality that allows each researcher to sit side by
> side
> and see what the other is doing it doesn't matter where he is in the
> world)
> as far as I know than Self. Wonderful for emphasizing humans as first
> order
> components in Software as Alistair Cockburn proposes!
> [Well Jim Coplien spearheaded the design movement and the need to treat
> software as an art]
> At Ecoop'01 there was a consensus if we don't start things at the level
> of
> the analysis and design, all this stuff like aspect oriented programming
> and separation of concerns would not really lead to evolutive, easy to
> evolve
> software!
> Now nature and culture enters in! Why because they rest on life and
> language!
> Both are capable of double articulation, I mean the ability to create
> out of
> finite things infinite things!
> It is not necessary to say that molecular biology and semiotics are
> highly hermetic
> fields!!!If you do not know physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer
> science
> little can be done when you deal with the genetic code!!!!
> Now to deal with semiotics means to be aware of SAussure, Hjelmslev,
> Peirce,
> Greimas to name the most famous theoreticians! And not forget about
> linguists
> such as  Bloomfield, Chomsky, Chafe and so on!!!
> Poor of our  small brain!!!
> My current interest is:
> a) Should we treat each phase of a knowledge (software) system [domain
> model, architectural
> model and implementation code] as a language,
> I mean with semantic and syntactic components responsible for narrative
> and
> discursive structures or
> b) Should we treat the knowledge [software system] as a unique language?
> Moreover a very interesting semiotician and mathematician is Petitot
> Cocorda who deals
> with Greimas and catastrophe theory and whose work may throw light to
> answer the
> above questions!
> I believe several heads thinking are better than one, so please feel
> free to enable mankind
> to be beyond this challenge! Sure our today's Minotaure!!!
> Have a fun-filled, peaceful, creative weekend
> Albertina
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> Subject: Re: your intriguing paper from IWPSE'01
> Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 01:11:28 +0900
> From: Tomoji Kishi <kishi at>
> Reply-To: kishi at
> To: Albertina Lourenci <lourenci at>
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> Dear Albertina,
> Thank you for having interests on our research.
> I have attached the SPLC1 2000 paper, and our
> recent paper accepted by Asia-Pacifc Software
> Engineering Conference (APSEC 2001).
> We also have interested in your research.
> Would you please send me the report ?
> I am happy if you send me the report dividing
> into smaller parts, say less than 1 Mbytes per
> mail.
> Regards,
> Tomoji Kishi
> >I regret I have not met you in Vienna. However I am deeply
> >interested in aspect-oriented analysis. Would you mind e-mailing
> >me your intriguing paper ASpect-oriented analysis for product line
> >architecture SPLC1 2000?
> >I have just finished writing my Scientific Report where I show the
> >relevance of multi-paradigm design and the need to include aspects
> >as one of the paradigms in the prototype based Self language!!
> >I need your paper rather urgently!!!
> >If you get interested I can e-mail my Scientific Report in PDF format.
> >It is about
> >3,5 Mbytes.
> >
> >Thanks for your kind attention.
> >Albertina
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>   I am buiilding a prototype-based object oriented knowledge systems to generate sustainable cities
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