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Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Fri Jan 18 01:07:17 UTC 2002


that is a very good list of requirements.

> 	- web interface must clear junkbuster, etc. :) (does that mean no
> 	cookies?)

Mailman ( doesn't seem 
to need cookies to do its job, but I am not sure about this.

One requirement I would like would be for the list software to be 
written in Self. That will have to wait a while.

Gordon wrote to me and this list (but it didn't make it here since he 
used a non subscribed address...) asking if I would like to moderate 
the Self/Linux list. That made me unsure if his new list is supposed to 
replace this one or if it will be focused on the Linux port. Anyway, I 
told him that I would be very happy if someone else wants to take over, 
though I can do the job if I have to.


a "manual" solution would be interesting. But I have changed my mind 
and now think that it might be possible to link the two lists by doing 
all the changes on the Majordomo side:

  - "self at" would be subscribed to this list. No other 
changes to Yahoo would be made.

  - messages to Majordomo would be resent here with the "From:" field 
(or whatever Yahoo checks) changed to the above address so we would 
also see them here.

  - messages to Majordomo coming from this list would be accepted no 
matter who the original sender was (unless the sender was the above 
address - then it would be discarded to avoid a loop) and they would 
*not* be resent as described above.

I am really not looking forward to some Perl hacking. Tripp's proposal 
sounds more attractive.

-- Jecel

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