[self-interest] Re: New Mailing-List self at cichon.com

tlilley tripp at perspex.com
Thu Jan 17 17:14:22 UTC 2002

If we as a group could throw together a specific feature list that one,
single mailing list would need to have, I'm pretty sure I could provide
that. I've got to reinstall / rebuild the mailing list infrastructure here
on my main mailserver, anyway, and this would be a good excuse :)

I'm guessing that the timeline isn't ultra critical, and could wait a week
or three, since the most list activity we've had in the past couple of
months has been, well, discussion about the list itself :)

So here's a stab at summarizing the list of requirements I've seen so far
(with a few of my own thrown in):

	- restrict posts to subscribers (or validated subscriber alternate

	- allow subscribers to add alternate addresses (e.g., mail goes to
	tripp at perspex.com, but I can post from tlilley at perspex.com)

	- list digest subscription available

	- read list from web (e.g., archive)

	- read list from public IMAP store (a personal requirement :) )

	- post to list from web

	- allow subscribers to subscribe in "post-only" mode (e.g., read
	from web or public IMAP, post via email).

	- web interface must clear junkbuster, etc. :) (does that mean no

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