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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Wed Jan 16 10:44:59 UTC 2002

John Hinsley wrote:

> >
> > What do the other list members think?
> I'm inclined to think that one group is enough!

For me computer science is more than a nightmare!
An undescribable hell!! Where everybody can only hear what his
own EGO wants! This is the price of discovering individuality as opposed
to the oppresive "class system" :-) But individuality is not a synomym
for EGO! EGO is another form of  CLASS! Individuality communicates
directly with the UNIVERSE!The INFINITE!
I think it is obvious if Randy and Dave cannot send messages to the list,
I myself stayed several months without receiving messages from the list
these things should be mended!!!
I think that several minds thinking are better than one! However the unity
should be preserved!
Due to the need of building expressive languages, until now for me Self
has been the best trial. Although it can be deeply improved in the direction
of Self/US or better.
Obviouly this tiny pearl of knowledge called Self must be preserved. And I am

very happy that there are still researchers that perceive this!

However many interesting things are happening in the world of computer
and I believe these topics should be discussed for the sake of Self!

I pray that God may bless us and inspire us of the best solutions.

> John
> -- Jecel
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