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John Hinsley jhinsley at
Tue Jan 15 21:48:21 UTC 2002

Jecel Assumpcao Jr <jecel at> wrote:

> Gordon Cichon write:
> > So, I set up my own mailing list. Please come and join if you like to
> > hear what I can contribute to the discussion. :-)
> I don't think having two separate lists is a good idea. Of course, I 
> see that having control is very important. But Yahoo does have some 
> nice features like digests, web browsing, archives and searching.
> It is possible to host "remote groups" at Yahoo (see Squeak, for 
> example) so you still have most features but get to manage the list 
> directly using Majordomo. The problem is that this is not 
> bidirectional, so everyone in the current list would have to 
> individually move over to yours (posting via Yahoo would no longer be 
> possible).
> In the Majordomo FAQ I see that there is a gateway program for linking 
> your list to a newsgroup, but I don't see anything about another list.
> What do the other list members think?

I'm inclined to think that one group is enough! Holy cow, I find the
Squeak list difficult enough to keep up with!

IIRC, I subscribed through Linux (with Netscape) and I do find it
usefull to be able to visit the archive for the Squeak group (also at
Yahoo, also with Netscape) -- actually a pretty essential resource, as
all bugfixes and goodies are there, too. But, then. I don't use
junkbuster (never needed to).

Potentially splitting the community for the sake of busting a tiny nut
seems _way_ OTT to me unless you, that is, "gordontemp0815" can  come up
with a bidirectional script which works (and implement it ;-)



-- Jecel

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