Self Morphic

Horacio Lopez vruz at
Fri Feb 1 00:02:40 UTC 2002

Hello Everyone,

I am a  language-agnostic programmer, currently developing
in Ruby, but also learning Haskell and Squeak/Smalltalk.
(among many many other languages)

Because of the Squeak Morphic system, I learned about
Self and the Morphic origins, as well as other innovative
features such as the original Self Virtual Machine.
(that eventually became the Java commercial product)

I have noticed there has been recent interest in Self, and
that there's a Linux port of it.

I would like to learn more, but it feels like I am doing
a bit of archeology.
I was wondering if you could possibly have some
in-depth documentation about Morphic and also
about the Self virtual machine.

I would like to have a Morphic GUI for Ruby, maybe
something can be implemented sharing a common
code base with Self or Squeak.

Theory, articles, white papers, anything will do.

thank you in advance,

Horacio López
vruz at

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