[self-interest] [Ann:] Self on windows

Harald Gliebe harald at gliebe.de
Mon Dec 9 21:35:44 UTC 2002

Hi Mike,

Actually there were surprisingly few changes to make for the cygwin
version, the cygwin package provides excellent support for porting unix
apps to windows.
src/any and src/i386 are almost unchanged, most changes were necessary
in src/unix, often only different location of header files or method
The bigger problems I encountered were the following:
- signal handling and timers: cygwin provides the standard signal
support, but not the advanced features like sigaction and signal stacks.
I also couldn't get the timers to work correctly. I worked around the
latter problem by using directly using a win32 multimedia timer.
- no syscall on cygwin: The syscall function doesn't exist on cygwin,
for the Self methods that uses syscalls (e.g. unixGlobals os mkdir:) I
had to define new primitives.

Btw, from the Self pages at Sun I asume that you together with David
Ungar are currently responsible for the Self versions for Solaris and
OS  X. 
I added a command switch (-b) to the Linux and Cygwin version to import
a snapshot from Mac or Sparc which are stored in big-endian byte-order
(you still need to file in the linux/cygwin specific stuff to use it)
It would be nice if the Solaris/OS X versions would provide the same
functionality, so that you can use a snapshot on all supported
I can send you a patch for this, if you're interested.

Ideally the byte-order could also be autodetected by the VM, but this
might require a change of the snapshot format to add the byte-order


On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 23:07, Michael Abd-El-Malek wrote:
> This is great!  Self now runs on under 4 operating systems, and 3 
> architectures.
> Out of curiosity: what changes did you have to make for your port?
> Mike
> On Sunday, December 8, 2002, at 09:39  AM, Harald Gliebe wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I recently spent some time to get Self running on Windows and made a
> > first version available on http://www.gliebe.de/self/download.html .
> > It needs cygwin and XFree, which you can get from  
> > http://www.cygwin.com
> > Have fun,
> >
> > Harald
> >
> > -- 
> > Harald Gliebe <harald at gliebe.de>
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