[self-interest] Another naive question (weakness)

Viktor vi.ki at worldonline.cz
Thu Aug 22 15:12:13 UTC 2002

> > Now something about weak references - there is absolutely nothing about
> > in "The Self 4.0 Programmers Reference Manual", but I suppose this
> > _must_ be in Self. Am I right? What kind of references can be weak? Only
> > indexed references in vector of objects? By which objects is such weak
> > reference replaced by GC, by nil or by some special object (#dead)? Is
> > message sent to owner of weak object when one is expired?
> Self doesn't support weak references (and exceptions to mention more).

Uh oh... are you serious? How you can make an application without weak

Well, my VM supports them. But cannot run neither simple program...


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