[self-interest] Another naive question (weakness)

Uladzimir Liashkevich uml at atwss.com
Thu Aug 22 14:36:16 UTC 2002

Viktor wrote:
> Now something about weak references - there is absolutely nothing about it
> in "The Self 4.0 Programmers Reference Manual", but I suppose this feature
> _must_ be in Self. Am I right? What kind of references can be weak? Only
> indexed references in vector of objects? By which objects is such weak
> reference replaced by GC, by nil or by some special object (#dead)? Is some
> message sent to owner of weak object when one is expired?

Self doesn't support weak references (and exceptions to mention more).

> Exists something more detailed about Self than ""The Self 4.0 Programmers
> Reference Manual"?

VM Sources are the best doc.



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