[self-interest] Aspect oriented and self

Thorsten Dittmar thorsten.dittmar at daedalos.com
Wed Aug 21 08:14:28 UTC 2002

On 8/20/02 10:04 PM, "Janina Rubacha" <janinarubacha at yahoo.com.ar> wrote:

> I´d like to know if there is somebody working in
> aspect with Self, thanks, Janina

I don't do it and I think it is even unnecessary in languages like self or
also Smalltalk, for Java it is some else. Can you explain why you are
looking for that? Is it just because you want to know how it is implemented
in self or is it because you think AOP is really helpful for self?

I'm asking because I followed the discussion about AOP over years and I had
always the feeling that it solves problems that a good designed language
does not have. Maybe this is not 100% correct - so let me say, it solves
problems by adding a new mechanism (additional complexity, effort to learn,
source of error, etc.) that a good designed language can solve with the
build in mechanisms with only a little bit of additional effort.

For example, Self has mixins and dynamic inheritance with this two
mechanisms you can solve a lot of the AOP stuff.


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