[self-interest] Kevo on Mac OS X

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Wed Aug 14 21:23:27 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 14 August 2002 07:23, Thorsten Dittmar wrote:
> I send the Kevo Files to the list some days before. During my
> vacation I had the time to test it. It still works fine under Mac OS
> X 10.1.5 with a Classic 9 environment.
> Try it out and have fun... or some enlightenments.

I have added a link to your post on the Self swiki 
(http://www.merlintec.com:8080/Self/). I think that Antero Tavilasaari 
would like this, but if not I can remove both the link and the post 

-- Jecel

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