volunteer to try automatic refactoring tool for Self

ivan_r_moore ivan_r_moore at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 6 12:03:54 UTC 2002

Hello fellow self-interested people,

I wrote a tool called Guru for automatic refactoring 
of Self programs (for my PhD).

Unfortunately, it only runs in Self 4.0 on Sun SPARC - it doesn't
run in Self on a Mac or on Linux (yet). 

I don't have access to a Sun SPARC, so I would be very grateful
for a volunteer to try it out to check that it (still) works
before I release it to the world.
(it will be at http://selfguru.sf.net )

I'll be porting it to Self 4.1 on Linux as soon as spare-time



email guru at tadmad.co.uk

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