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Mon Sep 24 17:47:50 UTC 2001

> Dear Selfers:
> Finally I think I understand what AspectJ and HyperJ means.
> I would like you kindly to improve my reasoning.
> AspectJ and HyperJ  are different ways to modify  existent classes.
> The former deals with in-place-modification and destroys the
> original class and the latter performs changes
> in duplicates of the original class but preserves the original class.
> However all these modifications happens at the level of code
> implementation (compile time or runtime - I do not know exactly).
> Most examples dealing with aspects are based on distribution
> and persistence and concurrency control and communication systems.
> So my question is: can we deal with aspects in the same way one
> deals with separation of concerns?
> For me separation of concerns is something that starts at the
> domain level and isomorphically would have a code reasoning
> structures called aspects or is it HyperJ 's separation of concerns
> that would be isomorphic?
> Indeed aspects are concerned with crosscutting concerns.
> I need help here.
> And of course I want to know if Self implements  these stuff
> better or if they are mechanisms that are gracefully dealt with
> due to delegation's properties.
> Best wishes
> Albertina
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