[self-interest] Smalltalk implementation in Self

Jonas Bosson jonas at illuminet.se
Tue Sep 11 14:12:56 UTC 2001

This snapshot was what really gave me inspiration to look at Self.

The Smalltalk-snapshot comes as "the example" in sunlabs
"Self 4". Its for Sun machines only since there has been no
porting of the original Self system to Linux or Windows.

(The GUI puts SmallTalk in the upper left corner of the virtual display)

The GUI has no support for other than 8-bit visuals and is gives
you too little information on how to develop "serious" applications
in the environment. The lack of loadable packages outside the
"snapshot" is limiting. (I think it also requires direct access to X11
with shared memory for blit speed)

Things might have been improved since I saw it.

But the snap is a beauty and gives an experience that folks should
have access to.

best regards,
Jonas Bosson

Todd Nathan wrote:

>Hello all,
>I saw Davids Demo on tape last year (it was in 96 or 97 filmed and made 
>and was impressed but clearly see how it works that the Smalltalk was 
>on top of the behavioural system of Self.  So, where is the limited 
>of ST on top of SELF?  I would like to load the snapshot and see it work 
>for myself.
>Todd Nathan
>SenseTalk(tm) Guy
>Back On Solid Ground
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