oldParser. using ?

Marko Mikulicic marko at seul.org
Sun Oct 14 06:41:14 UTC 2001


I finnally got a sparc machine (sparc station 10, dual supersparc 50 Mhz 
128Mb ram. It's slooow but it works).

I was browsing in the world an I found the oldParser parser object.
I tried to let him parse something but I don't know if I'm using it 
correctly, since it
parses only one level and doesn't descend. For example, the object 
'(add: 1+3 Bla: 4)'
parses (using primary: ) to a "parseNodes methodObject" with empty 
statement list.
 Also parsing an expression (using expression:)  '0 add: 1+3 Bla: 4' 
returns a parseNode keywordSend with correct receiver and selector slots 
filled-in but empty argument list.
 I don't understand if the code is broken or the parsing must be 
completed somehow.

I know oldParser is discontinued but I would expect it to parse out some 
simple expression at least.

I want to write a almost complete and standard Self parser in self using 
a subset of the framework
(for simplified bootstrapping). Initially I want to use it in the 
OpenSelf project, which lacks support for loading a complete Self 4 
system (no threading, mirrors, ... yet) but can handle strings and 
lists. I thought generating a parse tree and then have a separate code 
generator (generate structure and bytecodes from the tree) wich can be 
initially implemented without mirrors, and then plug in a complete 
mirror based object/code generator.

What is the best approach for writing an OOP parser in self. Is good to 
separate the scanner from the parser or do like oldParser, all in once ?

Anyone made some progress in writing a parser in the last year ?
Any parsing guru aroud ?

It's a shame that Self 4.1 still uses the parser inside the VM.

Be Selfish and don't give away your code if you have it :-)


PS: I didn't have many time the last year, but I don't give up ! I want 
Self rule the world :-)
Multiplatform, fast, distributed and mutiprocessor-aware ...

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