[self-interest] arguments and assignment

Toby Everett tua at everettak.org
Tue May 1 06:27:43 UTC 2001

> Bad points: some keywords would have to be renamed so we wouldn't have 
> arguments named 'on' and so forth. In particular, 
> 'perform:With:With:With:' would no longer be acceptable. This would 
> complicate the set of 'value:With:With:' messages for blocks. It would 
> also be easier to end up with an argument with the same name as an 
> object's slot, though that shouldn't be hard to spot.
Why is perform:With:With:With: no longer acceptable?  Doesn't that really mean
that with should receive an array of objects?  And really mean that it should
be possible to say perform:[With]:, which would be interpreted by the system
to automatically match perform:With: and perform:With:With: and
perform:With:With:With: and so forth, with all of them getting assigned to
the array with?

ObDisclaimer:  I haven't coded in Self since I left college in '96 and I've
never coded in Smalltalk (but I did read Beck's Patterns book all the way
through just for fun), so if this doesn't make sense, I apologize in advance.

--Toby Everett

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