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> Hi Selfers:

I am preparing to submit a paper to OOPSLA'01 about an
hermeneutic understanding of Object oriented programming.
Last  OOPLA, Rayside and Campbell  proposed An Aristotelian
understanding of object-oriented programming.
It is based on Aristotelian logic.
It seems to me that the computer scientists have difficulty
in truly grasping the thingness of the things that can be
very well expressed in OO paradigm.
Hence they insist on focussing the class concept as central in
OO programming.
I will take for granted this to ease the discussion. Of course
my opinion is that the object is the central concept.
So I would like Mario to join the discussion. I have reread his
nice paper about self includes:Smalltalk.
He implemented in a direct and straightforward way Smalltalk
in Self in three weeks.
The point here is that to exploit Self's possibility of let's
say translating a language into it, in my opinion is not the
same as stating that we can simulate in Self efficiently and
safely like in C++, Simula or Eiffel the class concept.
Suppose the user wants to implement in Self the classification
of the families, genera and species. Is Self fit to do this?
If so why then computer scientists even enjoying and loving Self
have difficulties to understand it and program in it?
Please I invite everyone here to express in a rather technical
way their opinion because this is of vital importance to
argue for object-based languages.
Hope I have expressed my intention perfectly well.

I look forward to your contributions immediately.

Best wishes

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