OT: New mailing list announcement

Joseph Osako scholr at slip.net
Fri Jun 1 21:42:00 UTC 2001

Several months back, there had been a series of discussions about language 
constructs not related to those in Self, and about the possibility of 
designing a successor language to Self. At the time, there had been some 
debate over the topicality of these messages, and the idea had been floated 
that a new mailing list be formed. At that time, I myself had taken the 
liberty of setting up a list namd MFTL on what was then eGroups. The debate 
died down, and shortly afterwards eGroups was bought out by Yahoo. I had 
thought that the mailing list had been dissolved, but I now have found that 
it still exists on Yahoo Groups.

I have decided to try and revive the concept of a list specifically for the 
discussion of novel language concepts and implementations. The group may be 
subscribed by mailing to MFTL-subscribe at yahoogroups.com (subject and body 
are ignored). Hopefully, this will help *this* list avoid topicality 
problems like the ones mentioned above.

J Osako
Operating Systems Designer, Notational Engineer, Generalist

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