[self-interest] egroups has problems with thread structure ?

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Thu Jan 18 17:45:53 UTC 2001


> is there a way to post a reply *via email* *without* loosing the 
> thread structure ? Did you make the same experience ?

If you choose "View Source" for your message, you will see that your
mail program (Netscape 4.7) generates a "References:" field but not a
"In-Reply-To:" field (like Kmail, the software I am using, does. See
the source for this message as an example).

My own programs take this into account when calculating "threads", but
it seems that the egroups software does not. Other than switching to
another email software or getting to egroups people to fix their
software, there is no simple solution.

-- Jecel

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