[self-interest] can't download self.

Andre Garzia andregarzia at openlink.com.br
Sat Jan 13 17:14:43 UTC 2001

>On Wed, 13 Jan 1904, Andre wrote:
>>  is there a mirror or  other way to retrieve self?
>Thinking about this problem, I have created a CD-ROM with Self and 6
>other Smalltalks. I haven't finished the user interface since I am
>waiting for Squeak 2.8 to be really, really finished (it was supposed
>to have happened in June) and so I haven't started selling it yet.

good idea a CD would be just great. is there space for other things? 
we could put some literature, like Doctors Dobbs Alernative 
programming cds...

>The Mac version is available split into four 4 MB files at the Sun
>site. Is that what you are trying to download?

i tried all versions avaiable at the Sun site, is that a personal 
problem or it has happened with other users as well? :/

>-- Jecel
>P.S.: I don't think your computer's clock is quite right...

yes, i rebooted my ibook and forgot to restart the clock.... it 
should be working right by now.

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