self-like languages (was: can't download self...)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Fri Jan 12 21:51:00 UTC 2001

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Steve wrote:
> > [Smalltalk CD-ROM]
> This is a neat idea. Have you considered putting a bunch of the Self-like
> languages out there on it as well? 

They could easily fit, but they are so small that I wouldn't expect
anybody to have problems downloading them. As Dru wrote:

> If you want a copy of Cel, just grab one off of the site.
> The next version should be there in a few weeks. It is
> fairly small.

The version of the CD-ROM would always be outdated, so it makes more
sense to download from the web. On the other hand, there are
languages/packages that are no longer being developed and they, and all
their documentation, tend to disappear as time goes by.

Another problem is that most of the stuff is half finished. But
supposing it is worth doing, what systems should be included? I can
think of:

  Cel - Dru himself suggested it
  Ultimardrev and Prototalk

These are what I have a copy of (plus tinySelf 0 and tinySelf 1, of
course). And then there is all the stuff listed on your page and
Rainer's too. But I wouldn't want to include anything without the
explicit permission from the authors and some of them are now very hard
to track down.

So what do other people think: what are the most important Self-like
languages out there?

-- Jecel

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