[self-interest] languages (was: Small announcement)

First Speaker Schol-R-LEA;2 scholr at slip.net
Mon Jan 8 00:05:22 UTC 2001

At 15:54 01/07/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Interesting. After the last rebuke, I came to the opposite conclusion -
>that this list, being specifically about Self, should be primarily about
>Self. It also occured to me that there might be a need for a general
>discussion group on 'new' languages, Self-like or not. To this end, I have
>created a new eGroups list, MFTL. 

In accordance with The Law of the Prophet Murphy, it was only after I set
up MFTL that I learned that there already is an eGroups list for this sort
of thing, called Language-Wars. Damn. 

J Osako
Operating Systems Designer, Notational Engineer, Generalist

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