[self-interest] languages (was: Small announcement)

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Sun Jan 7 23:54:54 UTC 2001

At 17:07 01/04/2001 -0200, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
>On Mon, 01 Jan 2001, Dru Nelson wrote:
>> I have created a Self like language called 'Cel'.
>This is great!
>I think that this list is the right place for discussions of Self-like
>languages like this, Kyle's TSOL and Joseph Osako's ideas. Here is a
>less Self-like language that might also interest people in this list:
>   http://www.ericsworld.com/Mark/HTML/Avail.html

Interesting. After the last rebuke, I came to the opposite conclusion -
that this list, being specifically about Self, should be primarily about
Self. It also occured to me that there might be a need for a general
discussion group on 'new' languages, Self-like or not. To this end, I have
created a new eGroups list, MFTL. The new list will be a place to debate
over new or little known concepts, propose new constructs and paradigms,
agrue over existing but unusual langauges (SNOBOL, Orthogonal, APL, OISC)
discuss language research, and generally go wild over new language ideas,
no matter how bizarre. Discussions on the application of odd or
little-known constructs in existing languages are also sought. 

While it is not related to Self in particular, I  would imagine many of the
Selfers would have any interest in such a group, and hopefully the two lists 
will live in harmony with each other.

To subscribe, send a message to MFTL-subscribe at egroups.com or go to
egroups.com and search for 'MFTL'.

J Osako
Operating Systems Designer, Notational Engineer, Generalist

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