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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Tue Jan 2 14:12:32 UTC 2001

Dru Nelson wrote:

> Hi:
> *How Does this Affect Self and the Other Projects Here*
> I don't think that this interferes with any of the other projects
> mentioned here: Self Mac OS, MerlinTech, other ports, etc.
> I intend to keep going on Cel. However, it is nowhere
> near as polished as Ungar's Self on the Mac. Cel is still
> a system in flux and many things were implemented in the
> 'naive' way :-)

Indeed even for me more people interested in prototypes and
doing research in prototypes is welcome!!!
The only hurdle for me is that from now on I shall be registered
as an advisor at POLI (Polytechnic School of the University of
Sao Paulo) which is considered the best and biggest school
of Latin America.
For example my contacts with the Group of Energy, another
big group of studies at Electrical Engineering enable me
to implement  one of the dearest part of my ecodesign model.
It deals with the electric model of the wall. This model
enables one to build panels of several layers made of
different materials that give precision of air conditioning
wherever they are built. I mean the model covers the
range of climates all over the world.
One has to vary the  thermal resistances and capacitances of the
So I can work right now with graduate students from Mechanical
Engineering and those from the Group of Energy.
But the point is, how will this simulation be implemented?

How will I teach Self to the students, if I do not know much
about debuggers and so on ...I am sure they won't  do better
than I. I have long years of studying OO languages and environment.
An engineer in Brazil know at best case C++. I can do this
part of the work in C++ of course. But then how will I integrate
it in my knowledge based system?
These are things I have to solve right now!!!
So should I ask FAPESP a Sun to run Self, who on this list
can tell me if there will be a real version for PC.
It seems even for people in the North Hemisphere it is
not that easy to have a Sun.
So if someone can suggest me how to solve this hurdle,
I shall be happy. FAPESP is offering me the opportunity
to go abroad for a year to develop a tutorial in Self.
If someone here is able to work with me in his/her
laboratory to accomplish this goal, I would be the
happiest woman/human being in the world!

Anyhow even for accomplishing this simulation  it is
better if I count on a good GUI? I do not know if there
is  a good GUI in C++. The other solution would
be to implement in Smalltalk or Squeak.
But this leads me far away from the monolithism
searched all these years. But what I know is
that my research shall not stop. So better
if I can implement it in Self.
I could go abroad while the grad students would
continue research in collecting the necessary data
and keep learning about Self too.

The structural system and the architectural system
requires a very powerful and full fledged GUI
interface to be implemented. This is the core
of my knowledge based system.

> Thanks for reading this so far, if you are interested further,
> go to the web page. http://www.redwoodsoft.com/cel
> I would also like to state that I do enjoy this list, and I
> appreciated the help from Jecel for his answers on many occasions.
> Without his careful explanations, I wouldn't have gotten even
> to this point.

Me too. Jecel has been of great help to me. And all the info I collect
in this list are fundamental for the development of my research.
Thanks to God it exists!! Thank you for being, Self community!

> ** Thank you **
> Dru Nelson
> San Mateo, California
> P.S. Above, when I said, "In 1998, I became upset with the current state
> of computing." I meant, In 1998 I finally decided to do something about
> the state of computer technology that has plagued us for the last 15?
> years, as a fun, 'what the heck' attempt.

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