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Michael Lewis lewis_michael at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 09:06:30 UTC 2001

 Can someone please help me out, Im new to this stuff
so please bear with me.
 Before delving into cel/self, I thought it usefull to
atleast code up a very
 basic system.
 I can see that if I drop the premise of 'all objects'
it becomes much easier,
 but I'd like to keep the Smalltalk/Self etc idea of
all objects.

 So I have a basic Objects structure as:

 struct Object {
	int ref_count;
	bool isMethod;
	vector<Object*> inst_vars;

 Canonical Classes
  Class, Object, ....


	[ Class	]
	[1	]
	[ false	]
	-> [ Integer ]		[Object]	[Object]		[Dictinary]
	   [false]		[false]		[false]			[false]
	   [ no. of inst_vars]	[SuperObject]
[ClassObject=?nil?]	[Methods]

	... [Method	]
	    [true	]
	    [....	]
  ... which relies on 'Object', 'Dictionary',
'Methods', 'Integer', 'Symbol', 'String'

  Now I can see that I need to do some bootstrapping
of the objects,

  I'd have a 'GlobalSymbolTable' 

	Object* 	| Object*
	<Symbol>  	<Index to Object Table>
	[Class]	 	[x]
	[Object] 	[x]
	[Symbol] 	[x]
 	[Dictionary]	[x]

  but how on earth do you go about that bootstrap

  I've seen 'Little Smalltalk' but it does not
describe how the bootstrap process

  Anyone have any ideas??? .... evry time I think
about it, I manage
  to invent a chicken and an egg and then decide which
comes first, tho'
  sometimes I manage half and egg and half a chicken
[basically bad]...

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