[self-interest] information request

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Mon Feb 12 19:55:49 UTC 2001

At 06:29 12.02.01 -0800, Michael Lewis wrote:
>Im interested in working/porting the self vm.

Really? To which platform?

>Excuse my ignorance, but could someone please point me in the
>direction of the best starting place for documentation.

If you want to go for Linux, you might be interested in Gordon's work at 
www.cichon.de/self. Otherwise, look around at www.sun.com/research/self 
were you not only will find the VM source but also a number of papers 
describing the technology behind SELF.

BTW, you might be interested in www.openself.org, a project to create a 
SELF VM from scratch or www.3plus4.de/self which is my effort to create a 
simulation of a SELF VM in Smalltalk.

Stefan Matthias Aust \\ Truth Until Paradox

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