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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Sun Dec 30 17:39:28 UTC 2001

> Harald Gliebe wrote:
> Dear Harald:
> To build sustainable cities I do need to advance software
> first. I am trying to start a thematic project with the professors
> from the Electrical Engineering Departments from Polytechnic School
> University of São Paulo in January.
> Of course we can invite international researchers to join our
> research group. Would you be interested in joining a joint
> project to accomplish this goal?
> I am an architect. I cannot be responsible for compilers.
> I can only help with the design of an architecture and also
> the programming language. But not with implementation matters.
> The possible chairs of the thematic project asked me to
> make the proposal between January 20 and 25 and tell them
> all the people interested in working in the project.I have already
> contacted about ten professors here.
> I think all we need in terms of computing, is a researcher with
> clear goals and able to organize graduate and post-doctorate
> researchers to reach these goals.
> I am only interested in the Self language to implement my
> ecodesign model, because its design tunes with Self.
> Thanks for your prompt reply.
> Best wishes
> Albertina
> > Albertina Lourenci wrote:
> > > Hi Selfers:
> > > This sounds as great news!!!From the e-mails I have been reading
> > > it seems that the version for Mac does not work well! How can I
> > > be sure that the  Selfversion for Linux work as well as the one for Sun?
> >
> > It certainly doesn't, at least at the moment. Sorry to disappoint you.
> > It's an alpha version and not yet very stable. Also the SIC (the optimizing
> > compiler) and dynamic recompilation that are mainly responsible for the
> > good performance of the Sparc version, are still missing.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Harald
> >
> >
> >
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