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Albertina Lourenci lourenci at lsi.usp.br
Sun Dec 30 17:22:05 UTC 2001

Harald Gliebe wrote:
Dear Harald:

To build sustainable cities I do need to advance software
first. I am trying to start a thematic project with the professors
from the Electrical Engineering Departments from Polytechnic School
University of São Paulo in January.
Of course we can invite international researchers to join our
research group. Would you be interested in joining a joint
project to accomplish this goal?
I am an architect. I cannot be responsible for compilers.
I can only help with the design of an architecture and also
the programming language. But not with implementation matters.

The possible chairs of the thematic project asked me to
make the proposal between January 20 and 25 and tell them
all the people interested in working in the project.I have already
contacted about ten professors here.
I think all we need in terms of computing, is a researcher with
clear goals and able to organize graduate and post-doctorate
researchers to reach these goals.
I am only interested in the Self language to implement my
ecodesign model, because its design tunes with Self.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Best wishes

> Albertina Lourenci wrote:
> > Hi Selfers:
> > This sounds as great news!!!From the e-mails I have been reading
> > it seems that the version for Mac does not work well! How can I
> > be sure that the  Selfversion for Linux work as well as the one for Sun?
> It certainly doesn't, at least at the moment. Sorry to disappoint you.
> It's an alpha version and not yet very stable. Also the SIC (the optimizing
> compiler) and dynamic recompilation that are mainly responsible for the
> good performance of the Sparc version, are still missing.
> Best regards,
> Harald
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