[self-interest] Fw: [Ann:] Self4Linux-0.2.0 alpha available

Harald Gliebe harald at gliebe.de
Fri Dec 28 20:40:20 UTC 2001

Hi Kyle,
thanks for the feedback, I'll include the changes in the next release.
I think most of the original source code is from 1995 or earlier, and the
c++ standard and compilers have changed since then - therefore the warnings.
I tried to change the original code in as few places as possible, to make it
to diff/merge against the original code.
Note that the debug version also contains a lot of assertions that will slow
the VM. I mostly use the optimzed version when im working in Self, and when
crashes, I try to reproduce the bug in the debug version.

Best regards,

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On Thursday 20 December 2001 07:36, you wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I'd like to announce the availability of an alpha version of Self for
> at http://www.gliebe.de/self/index.html

This is great!

I was able to compile the source from your source tarball with two changes:

file: Self4Linux-0.2.0/vm/src/any/os/os.c

I added #include <time.h> to this file.

file: Self4Linux-0.2.0/vm/src/unix/os/os_unix.c

I also added #include <time.h> to this file.

With those two changes, I was able to compile.  I get several warnings with
G++.  My guess is that the code has not been updated for newer (stricter)

I generated the debug executable so that I might have a chance with GDB if
Self crashes.  It took about 15 minutes of CPU time to generate the initial
image :-(  This is with an Intel P-II 400 PC with 384MB of RAM.

I am using SuSE 7.2, but the kernel is 2.4.7.

The UI comes up, but is rather slow even on the third or fourth time I do an
action (just bringing up the middle-mouse menu takes a couple of seconds).

Now, I have to find where I put my Self documentation...

Thanks again for this Christmas present!

Where do I send the beer money?


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